Eating gluten free abroad

Having coeliac disease can make eating out a bit of a trial. Everywhere you go you have to check that the ingredients in the dishes don’t contain any wheat, rye or barley. Doing this in England in English is hard enough, let alone abroad in a foreign language.

Being in a campervan makes the struggle of eating abroad a little easier as I am able to cater for myself a lot, but it would be a bit dull to do this all the time and I’d miss out on all that Europe has to offer in terms of culinary magic. From the perspective of supermarkets, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and will list out the brands that I’ve visited where I’ve found a good selection of free from foods.

I have enjoyed some superb meals as I’ve travelled and so I want to pass on my findings to any fellow coeliac’s. Coupled with being able to buy gluten free food in many supermarkets now, there is no need to fear going hungry!

Below is a list of some of the places I think were particularly ‘stand-out’ in terms of their gluten-free offering:

Country Establishment Comments
Austria Pizzarella Plus, Ebenthal near Klagenfurt Large range of topping choices all on a decent sized and tasty gluten free base. Very good service and prices.
Ulreich Gmbh & Co, Fürtsenfeld I went in and asked (unhopefully) for something gluten free and was presented with a very knowledgeable response and an esterhazy schnitte – a cake made from almonds.
Café Konditorei Friedrich Andreas Nöbauer, Richenau an der Rax If you don’t ask you don’t get… here I enjoyed a delicious but rich chocolate torte. The staff were well trained in gluten free issues.
Billa – supermarket This is the best for gf choice in Austria. A large range of storecupboard items plus gf beer in every store I went to!
Lidl – supermarket GF pasta available in every store I visited
Germany Backeri Fritz, Rablstrasse, Munich A large choice of gluten free loaves and other products available. I got a sunflower seed and teff loaf which was delicious.
Paulaner Brauhaus, Munich The menu isn’t particularly coeliac friendly but the staff understood my needs and prepared a specially created dish that was gluten free and extremely tasty.
Dinzler Kaffeerösteri, Irschenberg A coffee roaster that has a lovely café and restaurant with it, and a visitor centre. My breakfast here was superb and they were able to provide gluten free rolls and substitute items in the dish for gf alternatives.
Slovakia Hotel Arkarda, Levoca I had the best trout I’ve ever tasted here and they cooked it specially for me without coating it in flour.
Poland Piotr I Paweł – supermarket A large range of Dr Schar gluten free products plus two or three varieties of gluten free beer
Hungary Lidl – supermarket I managed to find gluten free pasta and chanced upon some gluten free beer here too which might not be a normal stock item but delighted me that day!
Slovenia Gostilna Pri Planincu, Bled Any pizza you like on a gluten free base, and a good base at that. A decent size and very good dough. The toppings were generous too. And to top it off…. they serve gf beer as well.
Gostlina Mihovc, Stara Fužina A well marked up menu and knowledgable staff
Mercator – supermarket Great range of mainly Dr Schar gluten free products – better than in my local supermarkets in England
Italy Un Mondo Senza Glutine, Trieste Quite simply the best gluten free place I have ever been. A whole bakery full of gluten free goodies that were delicious (and I tried quite a few!)
La Gouterie, Bari Another superb all gluten free bakery serving sweet and savoury delights
La Chiccheria, Cerveteri An ice cream parlour with gluten free cones
Tico Tico, Meta di Sorrento A gluten free menu offers pizza, pasta and beer. Service wasn’t great though
Croatia Konzum – supermarket A good range of products at a decent price too.