Ironman World Championships

The call of the alarm at 4am. It’s something I never enjoy, race day or not.

I’d slept well, not feeling too nervous about the day ahead. I was there to finish, no illusions of winning, simply the expectation to do the best job I could in the circumstances.

Hawaii is different to other races. Everyone will say the same. The talent of the field, the harshness of the climate, the ever-present wind, the end of season target. We all work our socks off to get there, qualifying from around the world and then, all that hard work boils down to what you can do on the day. Sometimes it all comes together. Sometimes you have the perfect day. Continue reading


Ironman Austria

Welcome to my big race of the year. In beautiful Klagenfurt, Austria.

It’s been exactly a year since I entered the race. I did so on the first day of my new life; I left work on the 30th June 2016, promptly entered an Ironman and then left the country in my newly converted campervan to travel the continent, race some tri’s and cycle my bike.

You could say it’s been a year in the making. Certainly the last 6 months of my existence has been focussed on training hard to get to this race in fine fettle. And, aside from an annoying chesty cough, I think I am. Race day will prove it.

So, let’s see what happened…. Continue reading

Challenge Peguera-Mallorca

Wednesday 12th October dawned as an overcast and breezy day. The race around the Mediterranean coast had one more stint to it – my arrival in Barcelona for the overnight ferry to Alcudia, Mallorca.

I left Collioure and wound my way southwards along the quiet coast and across the border into Spain. No guards, no passport control, no stopping, no no one. Continue reading

Challenge Walchsee-Kaiserwinkl – ETU Middle Distance Championships

This was the main event. Trumping Challenge Poznań as my A-race due to a winter of illness and a spring and early summer of stress!

If nothing else it would be proof, or otherwise, that you can train and travel.

Since the race in Poland I’ve done quite a bit of training; 1,228 km of cycling, 12,577 meters climbed, 108 km of running and 24.6 km swimming. That’s not too bad, though the running is down on where I’d have liked it to be. Continue reading

Training and cake: a beautiful partnership

Esztergom. One of the oldest towns in Hungary and its capital from the 10th to the mid-13th century. And I just happened upon it because it was near somewhere that looked like it might be nice for cycling. Superb.

The town, as I have already mentioned, is home to the largest building in Hungary – the Primatial Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed Into Heaven and St Adalbert. Now, that’s a name! I can also attest to its size. It is huge. The most awesome building I’ve seen ever I think. It took my breath away more than St Peters in Rome, or the Colosseum or even Stonehenge (which for a prehistory keen-bean like me is saying something). Continue reading

Challenge Poznan – ETU Long Course Championships

This race was my main reason for heading to Poland. In fact, alongside the event in September in Austria, you could say it was one of the main reasons for dreaming up this campervan idea in the first place.

Following last year’s ETU champs in Weymouth, and the fantastic day I had then, I had a vision of going from strength to strength, having a winter of solid training, PB’ing London Marathon and coming out here to really ‘race’. Continue reading