Ironman World Championships

The call of the alarm at 4am. It’s something I never enjoy, race day or not.

I’d slept well, not feeling too nervous about the day ahead. I was there to finish, no illusions of winning, simply the expectation to do the best job I could in the circumstances.

Hawaii is different to other races. Everyone will say the same. The talent of the field, the harshness of the climate, the ever-present wind, the end of season target. We all work our socks off to get there, qualifying from around the world and then, all that hard work boils down to what you can do on the day. Sometimes it all comes together. Sometimes you have the perfect day. Continue reading


The biggest race of my life?

Here I am. Two days out from the biggest race of my life.

The Ironman World Championships. Kona. The birthplace of triathlon and the race every triathlete wants to get to.

The race I never thought I would get to, never seriously considered. It wasn’t even on my radar to be honest.

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Cloud 9 got up and left

The Fluelpass. 2,383 meters above sea level. And cold with it, but too good an opportunity to miss to camp, up high, with impressive glacier views and the hypnotic sound of alpine cattle bells clinking in the misty distance.

Victor and I stopped, just shy of the summit and parked up. I was fully stocked with provisions and ready for a cosy cuppa as the gathering gloom outside hid Victor’s galaxy grey from view. Camouflaged against the rocks, roof lifted, I made a van-type feast and climbed up into bed with thermals on and a woolly hat. Continue reading

Careful where you camp!

I’m never satisfied. Never happy with what I’ve got. I’m always looking to go faster, be leaner, get stronger or simply try out the grass that seems greener on the other side. Living in a van has helped with some aspects of this but when it comes to racing and training I think I’m worse than ever!

A week off a PB ironman performance and I’m already wondering what I should do next (after Hawaii of course). Continue reading

Still on cloud nine!

The days and weeks after an Ironman are always interesting. The physical aches and pains subside quite quickly, the euphoria stays longer, but in creeps a sense of loss, of aimlessness. The post-race blues.

Not this time, for me. Oh no. My race calendar had just been altered and in a way I didn’t think possible. My Cloud 9 was going to hang about a bit 🙂 Continue reading