A sore tail. Or tale?

Clinique General. Annecy. 7pm. 31st July 2017.

I limped in through the automatic doors into the cool air-conditioned reception. The place was deserted. Not much call for private hospital services at such an hour on a Monday at the start of the big French holiday season. Continue reading


Cloud 9 got up and left

The Fluelpass. 2,383 meters above sea level. And cold with it, but too good an opportunity to miss to camp, up high, with impressive glacier views and the hypnotic sound of alpine cattle bells clinking in the misty distance.

Victor and I stopped, just shy of the summit and parked up. I was fully stocked with provisions and ready for a cosy cuppa as the gathering gloom outside hid Victor’s galaxy grey from view. Camouflaged against the rocks, roof lifted, I made a van-type feast and climbed up into bed with thermals on and a woolly hat. Continue reading