Solitude on wild beaches

It is Christmas and I am ensconced in England, cosy amongst family at my parent’s house. Fret not however, Victor has not been abandoned as I am sleeping in him, parked out on my Mum and Dads drive while the house is full of brothers, nieces, nephews and chaos! He offers a quiet space; a familiar, calm bolt hole, and with an oil filled radiator plugged in, makes for a pretty luxurious* space. (*in a loose sense of the word).

So where did I leave you last time? I’d just completed my coast to coast traverse of northern Spain and found myself in the fishing town of Muros. Continue reading


So much wine, so little time – a coast to coast trip across Spain

From one ferry to the next. Last time I was on board from Alcúdia to Barcelona. Today I’m enjoying the hospitality of Brittany Ferries on the Cap Finisterre from Bilbao to Portsmouth as I head back to England for the festive season and some well-earned warm showers.

It’s been a remarkable whistle-stop tour of some of Spain that has seen me head not south as I had originally intended but east to west across the whole of northern Spain – Cataluna, Aragon, Castilla y Leon, Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. Unfortunately I seem to have skirted round La Rioja but be assured I have assisted with the local economy of the region in ways I am sure you can guess. Continue reading